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While doing the morning chores we realized that we have quite a few grey females!

And, SILVER GEM gets the most views each month, so we hope someone out there is interested in purchasing her!

TS SILVER GEM (WLK Silver Threads X SRR Liberty's Silver Jewel) has a strong and interesting grey lineage. If you own or have access to a champion grey male, she could make a great addition to your herd!

She is bred to RKR'S SPUD (CROWN PRINCE x SILVER MIST for an August cria!

LET'S TALK!! Make an offer!

SILVER GEM - Three Time Champion!



You can easily find RK Ranch in south central Barron County, Wisconsin. We are about two hours northeast of the Twin Cities (take US-8 to Barron, then south on Cty Hwy "O") or an hour north of Eau Claire (take US-53 to exit 126 at Chetek).

Call to chat or schedule a farm visit. Now is the time to buy Suri Alpacas! The opportunities to acquire the very best quality animals and bloodlines have never been better. Alpacas are livestock and like any type of livestock are subject to the ups and downs of the market place. However, ask any established alpaca breeder if they believe in a bright future for the alpaca industry, and they'll all tell you, YES!

Owning alpacas requires a long term commitment for their care and well being. However, it is well worth the effort and your knowledge and experience will improve every day. You can never know too much about these wonderful animals, and we've discovered that alpaca breeders are always ready to answer your questions. The mentoring and help we've received from other people in this business has been remarkable! If you are thinking about alpacas (especially, Suri Alpacas!) we would like very much to share what we've learned with you.

If you are beginning to research alpacas, don't believe everything you read on the internet, and visit multiple farms before building or remodeling barns, establishing pastures or purchasing animals.

Suri fiber is exquisite! Once you see and feel the luster and fineness you won't want anything less.

Our goal at R K Ranch is quality! Quality animals, fiber and customer satisfaction.
And our alpacas? Top industry recognized champion bloodlines and a breeding program designed to improve upon the past. If you are looking for Suri Alpacas with outstanding fineness, luster, density, lock structure and amount of fiber produced annually, come and have a look. You won't be disappointed! In addition to fiber quality, we are selectively breeding for easy birthing moms, with plenty of milk, good nurturing skills, friendly, easy to handle dispositions, and of course perfect conformation.

If you are looking for animals to diversify your bloodlines, we may have just what you need! We have too many animals to list individually on this site, so contact us for information about animals out of many of the top bloodlines and other breeding programs.

If you have an interest in spinning, weaving or knitting, Kathy can provide professional advice on alpaca (and other) fiber for the best yarn or recommend a spinning wheel or loom to best meet your fiber arts requirements.

Tell us what you need. We'll work with you to provide a purchasing plan that lets you acquire your Suri Alpacas!